Mount Pleasant Customer Detective Work

May 13, 2015

One might say the most challenging part of being an automotive service technician at Tuffy Mount Pleasant in Mount Pleasant Michigan is diagnosing a problem before it can be fixed. Cars are made up of a bunch of complex systems. There usually could be a number of reasons for any gi... More

Serpentine Belt Service At Tuffy Mount Pleasant In Mount Pleasant

May 5, 2015

Don't you hate it when you hear that squeal from under the hood when you're zipping down a busy Mount Pleasant freeway? It usually means there is a problem with the serpentine belt. The serpentine belt powers a lot of engine accessories. It runs the alternator - which charges the bat... More

Suspension Service At Tuffy Mount Pleasant In Mount Pleasant

May 1, 2015

Suspension systems function effectively for many years and tens of thousands of miles. Eventually, however, SUV suspension components do wear out, but how long that takes depends a lot on how you drive around Mount Pleasant and Alma. As you can imagine, if most of your driving is on... More