Tuffy Mount Pleasant Automotive Tips: Alternator

December 12, 2016

Your alternator makes electricity to start and run your engine and all of the vital electrical systems in your vehicle. Thats everything from the on-board computers to the turn signals. And of course there is the entertainment system, seat heaters, power windows, and everything you plug into the ... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Mount Pleasant: Rotor Problems

December 6, 2016

The brake rotor, or disc, is attached to your wheel. The brake pads rub on the rotor to slow your car when you are driving in Mount Pleasant.Rotors can warp, crack or become misaligned. They can also be damaged by worn out brake pads that scratch grooves into the surface. These conditions result ... More

It Is Time to Check Your Intervals

November 30, 2016

Part of the engineering that goes into designing a vehicle is testing the components to ensure that they meet durability and safety standards. Because of this, manufacturers have a good idea as to how long the parts in your vehicle will last under normal driving conditions. For this reason, th... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Mount Pleasant: Signs of an Alignment Problem

November 23, 2016

When properly aligned, all of your wheels are pointed in the same direction. Your vehicle will track true and handle the way it is designed. Mount Pleasant drivers often associate our wheels being knocked out of alignment with an event like an accident, hitting a pothole, curb or some other objec... More

Wipe Out! New Wiper Blades for Mount Pleasant Drivers

November 13, 2016

When people in Mount Pleasant talk about vehicle safety, they think of tires and brakes. But do we think about our windshields? Isn't the ability to see a prime safety factor when it comes to driving around Michigan? Yet we often don't even notice our windshields until we can't see through the... More

The Right Automotive Fluids for Mount Pleasant Drivers

November 7, 2016

All those automotive fluids can be confusing for Mount Pleasant drivers. Recent years have brought new grades of engine oil, types of transmission fluid, coolant, and brake fluid. The right fluid protects your vehicle and helps it perform at its best. The wrong fluid won't work as well and could ... More

The Importance of Mount Pleasant Drivers Following Service Intervals

October 30, 2016

Today in our Tuffy Mount Pleasant blog, we're going to talk about following recommended service intervals. Your vehicle isn't the only aspect of your life in Mount Pleasant with recommended intervals: Let's start with twice yearly dental check-ups and regular physical exams. How about laundry,... More

The Tuffy Mount Pleasant Guide to Tire Specs

October 23, 2016

You know you need new tires, but you're not sure what type. You look at a tire to get the size: 225, 50, R, 16, 92, H. All the way to the Mount Pleasant service center you keep repeating it over and over. You even say it over in your mind while waiting in line. Then you get to the counter and ... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Mount Pleasant: Alignment Inspection

October 18, 2016

Uneven tire wear, the car pulling to one side or a steering wheel that is off-center are signs for Mount Pleasant drivers that their wheels may be out of alignment.When doing an alignment inspection, the service advisor at Tuffy Mount Pleasant will inspect your tires for uneven wear as well as su... More

Fuel System Cleaning the Professional Way at Tuffy Mount Pleasant

October 12, 2016

Your fuel system needs to be clean to do its job properly. When it gets dirty, the results are lower engine performance, reduced fuel economy and impaired safety. It can even lead to costly repair bills for Mount Pleasant drivers. So keep your fuel system clean as part of your routine preventive ... More